TPWD MLD Permit Hunting Season

Day-Hunting Packages:

  • Weekend closest to October 1 through February 28
  • 2-day hunts, 1-4 hunters
  • Moderate hunt fee charged
  • Kill fees assessed when appropriate
  • Father/son, father/daughter hunts encouraged
  • VISA/Mastercard welcome
  • Double and single comfortable covered stands
  • Ample ground stands and trees
  • Corn feeders and protein feeders filled year around
  • Hunters delivered to and from stands

Items to Bring:

  • Hunting license / Hunters safety
  • Food / Drinks / Snacks
  • Cooler for meat ( no walk-in available)
  • Insect repellent
  • Deer scent spray
  • Binoculars
  • We recommend caliber ¬†.270 or bigger for Axis

What We Provide:

  • Blind transportation
  • Blood dogs for tracking
  • Cleaning station w/light and water
  • Never book back to back hunts to keep pressure low
  • Relaxation and time to unwind under the oak trees


Whitetail Deer

The ranch has been high-fenced since 2004. Our trophy whitetail bucks have prospered due to our management practices. We carefully manage hunting, cultivate feed plots, and make protein and corn available to ensure overall health of the herd and maximize antler growth.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) oversees this process. TPWD Managed Land Deer Program (MLD) Permits are furnished for all whitetail deer killed on the ranch. Hunters do not use their license tags. The MLD season begins the first weekend of October and continues through the end of February. Each deer killed is measured and weighed and recorded to meet TPWD requirements.

The number of deer hunters in one package is limited to a maximum of 4. We have eight covered stands that are comfortable and will accommodate any hunter. Family hunts are encouraged. Hunters are delivered to and from the stands. Oats are planted for winter grazing for the deer and turkeys. The abundant Liveoak trees furnish plenty of acorns for the deer to feed on.

AxisHerdAxis Deer

Our Axis deer herd has increased and now includes trophy bucks, breeder bucks, and does and their recent offspring. These were introduced onto the ranch to provide hunters with additional trophies and provide for year-round hunting. These exotics provide varied and interesting hunting experiences. A superior source of venison can be harvested in any season of the year. We use the Safari Club Int. Exotic score sheet to measure trophies. We have harvested Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal bucks. (See photo gallery.)


Sika Deer

Sika deer have recently been added to our exotic deer population. They are not yet ready to be hunted, but they are enjoyable to watch.


Turkeys nest on the ranch, raise their young and can be seen all year around. It is common to see six to 12 large gobblers in the fall while hunting for deer. Because the turkeys live on the ranch, spring turkey hunters have good luck calling up gobblers for a spring trophy.


Hogs, coyotes, wildcats, and porcupines

Hogs, coyotes, wildcats and porcupines are a detriment to our game management program. We encourage our hunters to shoot them at no charge.




The ranch is centrally located in the winter flyway for mourning doves. Generally, the doves arrive in late September and often winter here until March. The native grasses and weed seeds are natural feed for them. We are happy to inform potential hunters of their arrival.

For more information, contact Marion Pringle at 830-426-1467. Or you can email him here.